Up and Running

Welcome to The Running Husky Blog! This is the first post ever on this blog, and the huskies are up and running! The purpose of this blog is to document life with huskies, life in general, and any randomness that gets mixed in.

First you should meet the huskies! Kingu (short for Kinguyakkii) is the white siberian husky. She has brown eyes, a stubborn personality, and a strong prey drive. Although she can be quite calm and sweet, she has a multidimentional attitude, and her intent is rarely clear. (Sure those big brown eyes can look so sad, but only while there's something for her to get out of the deal.) Secondly, meet Amaruq, the other husky, (called Maruq to eliminate that pesky extra syllable.) He's the trim, lean, strong looking boy with a big heart and a worried expression. He may look tough, but underneath all that thick fur is a big puppy who's scared of loud noises and anything thats bigger than him (unless it's a dog). He has eyes with brown and blue and a wolf-like grey coat. His tail is always wagging, unless he's being walked to the tub for those oh-so-inconveienient pains called baths.

Other characters that might find their way into this blog include Angel (the eldest cat and a social one at that), Milo (the second cat who dislikes anyone ringing the doorbell and bites anyone who calls her "fat"), Twister (the cat that supposedly lives a double life as both a singer and a blogger, in the between time he finds a can of cat food and lives it up on his weightloss diet), Ginger (the lovebird that may have committed a terrible crime and flew up on our patio one day), the garden (ok, so it's not "alive" but it sure gets a lot of attention), finally the other creatures that live in the lake behind the headquarters here will probably get some fair attention as well.

In celebration of the first post of the Running Husky Blog, and reading through this mess of a first-post go get yourself a treat. Doggie biscuits, anyone?

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