Huskies and rain puddles

Today the sibes went to the paw park. Unfortunately, since it had rained recently, the area of the park I call "the trench" was filled with a couple inches of muddy water. Kingu ran through it with her mouth open and Maruq ran at full speed through it. Needless to say, we had two muddy huskies on our hands, which was not good for any of us. Then Kingu's allergies started getting to her and she kept reverse sneezing; so we left early, muddy huskies and all. After the huskies were bathed things settled down.

We also went to the Brickyard 400 this year at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was an ok race, there were only three cautions I believe though, and in due time I acutually began to doze off. It was what I expected. It was a nice experience but I don't plan on going back any time in the near future. I think my taste leans more toward IRL than NASCAR.

A couple weeks ago we went on a week long vacation. It was with my parents, my sisters and one of my sister's kids.Our destination: the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos for a few nights then went to Hershey for the Chocolate making tour (not the real thing, just the ride where you get in those little cars and it takes you through the steps of what they do and such. Its the one with the singing cows. I can't begin to tell you how long that song was stuck in my head.) Then we headed down to Nags Head. We went to the beach a few days and went to Jockey's Ridge State Park for an evening. Then we came back home, the gps rerouteing my sister the wrong way all the way to South Bend, IN untill someone realized the gps was set up wrong. What a nightmare.

The garden is having some trouble and some of the plants are turning yellowish, but overall it's ok because I have some things I still need to plant. The baby ducks are growing up and have their adult color but still have tiny little wings. They're pretty cute.

Hopefully I will post pictures soon!

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