A Day At The Park

After playing in the park for a hour, Kingu and Maruq were tired.

Kingu makes a good effort at clearing the jump.

Maruq looks like he's effortlessly floating over the jump that three weeks ago he was afraid of.

Kingu is tired.

Maruq running and Kingu ignoring him. He looks so funny here.



Huskies and rain puddles

Today the sibes went to the paw park. Unfortunately, since it had rained recently, the area of the park I call "the trench" was filled with a couple inches of muddy water. Kingu ran through it with her mouth open and Maruq ran at full speed through it. Needless to say, we had two muddy huskies on our hands, which was not good for any of us. Then Kingu's allergies started getting to her and she kept reverse sneezing; so we left early, muddy huskies and all. After the huskies were bathed things settled down.

We also went to the Brickyard 400 this year at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was an ok race, there were only three cautions I believe though, and in due time I acutually began to doze off. It was what I expected. It was a nice experience but I don't plan on going back any time in the near future. I think my taste leans more toward IRL than NASCAR.

A couple weeks ago we went on a week long vacation. It was with my parents, my sisters and one of my sister's kids.Our destination: the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos for a few nights then went to Hershey for the Chocolate making tour (not the real thing, just the ride where you get in those little cars and it takes you through the steps of what they do and such. Its the one with the singing cows. I can't begin to tell you how long that song was stuck in my head.) Then we headed down to Nags Head. We went to the beach a few days and went to Jockey's Ridge State Park for an evening. Then we came back home, the gps rerouteing my sister the wrong way all the way to South Bend, IN untill someone realized the gps was set up wrong. What a nightmare.

The garden is having some trouble and some of the plants are turning yellowish, but overall it's ok because I have some things I still need to plant. The baby ducks are growing up and have their adult color but still have tiny little wings. They're pretty cute.

Hopefully I will post pictures soon!


The Huskies New Friend

Today, Kingu and Maruq met Lilly. Lilly is a gorgeous black and white husky puppy. She, Kingu and Maruq had a good time playing. Maruq, being only about a half year older than Lilly, was quite the match for her. They ran in the yard, tackling and pawing at each other, while Kingu disdainfully worried over the occasional firework going off (it's just about the only thing she's scared of). Kingu did join in the play eventually, but it's different for her; she's three now and with her little bit of extra weight on those poor knees, play just isn't what it used to be. (Kingu has a problem with both her knees; both will periodically slide in and out of place causing her to fall. When she runs and tries to make a quick turn, or if there is a sudden need to slow down or stop, she drags her back feet. It looks like she's trying to sit down while running, sometimes she ends up running on her knees. Since she's lost about 10 lbs, she's improved. It doesn't cause her pain and according to the vet, it's a common condition in smaller breeds, but rather uncommon in larger breeds.) The huskies played for nearly an hour.

Now they are very tired and sound asleep, and both are having husky dreams.


Pictures of the Siberian Huskies!

Kinguyakkii (meaning "northern lights") is the white husky. Amaruq (meaning "wolf") is the grayish one. As you can see, they are not afraid to get all muddy and dirty. Kingu, as much as she hates rain, really loves to play in the mud. Maruq doesn't care as long as he gets to play with other dogs at the park.

Fruit of the Vines

July 4th is nearly here!
Sure most people will be rushing to the local grocery for hamburgers, hot dogs, grill supplies and such; it's just so inconvenient that in our area it's likely we'll get some rain. We have an 80% chance of precipitation, which doesn't mean we will be hiding from the storms all day necessarily, it just means it makes it more difficult.

Kinguyakkii and Amaruq had a good time at the dog park today (I will be posting pictures soon). Hopefully, they won't be too rambunctious and upset about the rain. (Kingu hates getting her little princess paws all wet.) If it rains all day though, there might not be as many fireworks, which is good for the huskies as that the loud noises make their tails fall between their legs and convinces them to hide in a corner.

However, the rain will be helpful to our vegetable garden, as it seems to need water frequently in our (currently) warm Indiana climate. Our garden consists of tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, green onions, cilantro, various pepper plants (both hot and sweet) and the feared zucchini plants. We are testing one of those latest-craze upside down tomato plants (we bought it pre-planted and it had a few flowers on it), it has two medium sized tomatoes growing on it and is doing surprisingly well. We had bought one that came with seeds you planted yourself, but after 5-6 weeks the plants were doing very poorly and the cats seemed to take a liking to uprooting them and dragging them all over the house. We currently have 15 cucumbers, 9 zucchini, 8 carrots, 20 green onions, 12 tomatoes, 5 peppers and way too much cilantro growing. I need to transfer some more pepper plants outside (yes, I know I need to move them soon before the season is over); a few pepper plants we are going to try to keep alive through the winter since they are able to be grown as perennials. I need to plant the second rounds of carrots, onions and peas, too. The garden is almost like having another pet, it always needs something. We are also trying to grow seedless grapes, one plant really shot up and is has many little vines. The other grape vine is short and has grown a lot, but it isn't growing like the other one. They look very odd in our yard, a very tall plant and a short and stout plant. Yes, I do believe the neighbors sometimes worry about our sanity.

I hope all you out there have a great fourth of July, and happy grilling!


Up and Running

Welcome to The Running Husky Blog! This is the first post ever on this blog, and the huskies are up and running! The purpose of this blog is to document life with huskies, life in general, and any randomness that gets mixed in.

First you should meet the huskies! Kingu (short for Kinguyakkii) is the white siberian husky. She has brown eyes, a stubborn personality, and a strong prey drive. Although she can be quite calm and sweet, she has a multidimentional attitude, and her intent is rarely clear. (Sure those big brown eyes can look so sad, but only while there's something for her to get out of the deal.) Secondly, meet Amaruq, the other husky, (called Maruq to eliminate that pesky extra syllable.) He's the trim, lean, strong looking boy with a big heart and a worried expression. He may look tough, but underneath all that thick fur is a big puppy who's scared of loud noises and anything thats bigger than him (unless it's a dog). He has eyes with brown and blue and a wolf-like grey coat. His tail is always wagging, unless he's being walked to the tub for those oh-so-inconveienient pains called baths.

Other characters that might find their way into this blog include Angel (the eldest cat and a social one at that), Milo (the second cat who dislikes anyone ringing the doorbell and bites anyone who calls her "fat"), Twister (the cat that supposedly lives a double life as both a singer and a blogger, in the between time he finds a can of cat food and lives it up on his weightloss diet), Ginger (the lovebird that may have committed a terrible crime and flew up on our patio one day), the garden (ok, so it's not "alive" but it sure gets a lot of attention), finally the other creatures that live in the lake behind the headquarters here will probably get some fair attention as well.

In celebration of the first post of the Running Husky Blog, and reading through this mess of a first-post go get yourself a treat. Doggie biscuits, anyone?