The Huskies New Friend

Today, Kingu and Maruq met Lilly. Lilly is a gorgeous black and white husky puppy. She, Kingu and Maruq had a good time playing. Maruq, being only about a half year older than Lilly, was quite the match for her. They ran in the yard, tackling and pawing at each other, while Kingu disdainfully worried over the occasional firework going off (it's just about the only thing she's scared of). Kingu did join in the play eventually, but it's different for her; she's three now and with her little bit of extra weight on those poor knees, play just isn't what it used to be. (Kingu has a problem with both her knees; both will periodically slide in and out of place causing her to fall. When she runs and tries to make a quick turn, or if there is a sudden need to slow down or stop, she drags her back feet. It looks like she's trying to sit down while running, sometimes she ends up running on her knees. Since she's lost about 10 lbs, she's improved. It doesn't cause her pain and according to the vet, it's a common condition in smaller breeds, but rather uncommon in larger breeds.) The huskies played for nearly an hour.

Now they are very tired and sound asleep, and both are having husky dreams.

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