Trip to Jamaica

I recently got the opportunity to go to Jamaica with a group of other students. We spent the week donating the supplies we brought with us and our time to a few orphanages, schools, and handicapped centers. It was an incredible experience. To see people who have very little be happy with what they have was overwhelming. The children at the orphanages, deaf school and rehabilitation center were so glad to just spend time with visitors; to let them take you by the hand and let them show you their world made them smile. It was a great experience.

The scenery and location was almost surreal. It was so interesting how the ocean met the beach or cliffs and then within a few yards was lush green forest and further up were mountains. In Montego Bay we got to watch gorgeous sunsets. Where we were staying was right across the beach and the planes flew very close to us (the runway was just a few blocks away). We visited lots of cool places like Dunns River Falls and ate a lot of interesting food (jerk chicken, jerk pork, curried goat, fried plantains). It was quite an experience, but it was very enjoyable.