Hello Spring!

Its amazing how quickly the weather has brightened and warmed. Not long ago this was the view out the sunroom windows.

Now the deep hues of spring are upon us. The rich brown earth, the glassy lake, and the vibrant greens have conquered the view.

Kinguyakkii and Amaruq spend most of the day outside. They sleep, play and monitor their domain. 

But the garden has awakened. I planted radishes and snow peas today. Last week I transplanted baby spinach and leaf lettuce outside. And due to my extreme laziness when it comes to turning the soil in the fall, the green onions came back, a dazzling green in color and twice the size. 

I repotted cherry tomato, regular tomato, green bell pepper, sweet banana pepper, marconi pepper, cilantro and basil seedlings today. I planted some more hot peppers, lettuce, parsley and chives. I read somewhere that chives are one of the easiest herbs to grow, but I haven't gotten a single seed to germinate. The parsley isn't faring much better. Hopefully this time the seeds will cooperate!

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