Garden Overhaul

This has been a very rainy week! We've had morning showers a few times and today there was a random afternoon shower.

The garden took on a new look in the past few weeks. We built two raised garden beds that are 8x4 and 10 inches high. We also moved the flowers at the back of the house (they were being uprooted by the dogs) to the front. Now there are three garden beds total, not counting a 1x5 row outside the fence. We bought some good soil, filled them and transplanted/planted all the vegetable plants. As you can see though, we had to change the 2ft plastic fence around it to a 4ft wire fence. We built a PVC piping gate that was inspired by a gate I saw on the Skippy's Vegetable Garden blog (http://carletongarden.blogspot.com).

The seedless grape vines are doing well (top picture), the zucchini plants are beginning to blossom (2nd picture), and everything is looking great. We look forward to a good harvest!

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